There are investors earning by FX(Forex) in Japan as well.
On the occasion of returning home for the summer vacation, why don’t you acquire the useful skills of such investors?

Message from Noguchi Takeyuki
Representative of Japan FX(Forex) Education Institute


Our company Japan FX(Forex) Education Institute has already customers abroad. Many of them take advantage of attending our FX(Forex) seminars when returning home for vacations and other businesses. For those who have physical and economic constraints for traveling to Japan solely for the purpose of receiving our seminars, the company has decided to hold special seminar sessions during summer holidays, particularly dedicating for Japanese living abroad and returning home in this holiday season.

 As our hope is to offer as many as Japanese people living abroad the opportunities to attend our seminars, we are currently preparing the appropriate time schedules and venues for holding seminars. You are going to invest time and money in our seminars, but we assure you that only several hours’ investment will open new horizons and perspectives in your whole life.

 We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

“Click here for the subscription for the Takeru Basic Rule Seminar and the membership of social exchange”

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Japan FX(Forex) Education Institute (Non-profit type entity)
Trade Name: Japan FX(Forex) Education Institute (Non-profit type entity)
Address: 104-0061, Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Ginza 6-chome, 16-12 Marutaka building 3rd floor
Registration Number: Director of the Kanto Local Financial Bureau (Kin-sho) No. 2816
Member Associations: The Japan Investment Advisers Association
Membership No. 0012-02688
Representative: Noguchi Takeyuki

Company profile:
Using the money earned by FX(Forex), Noguchi Takeyuki founded the company “Japan FX(Forex) Education Institute” (non-profit type entity) to foster the FX(Forex) Traders.

By doubling the funds by demonstration trade in two months after initiating the FX(Forex) trade, there appeared a number of people who hoped to learn the method and technique of “Takeru”. At that stage, “Takeru” knew the fact that a lot of people have lost in the FX(Forex) trades. That is the background against that “Takeru” decided to develop the “Takeru Basic Rules” under which the beginners of FX (Forex) trade can brush up their techniques based on the understandings of the basic rules of FX and has continued to lecture the rules for students.

As an aside, there is also a history that “Takeru” was recruited from a foreign securities company, although he turned down the offer.

Noguchi Takeyuki is the last disciple of the late Dr. Sato Tomio. Noguchi practices the success discipline learnt from Dr. Sato in the manner that makes profit by the FX(Forex) success. The company strives for fostering FX(Forex) traders that will realize enjoyable lives doing the FX(Forex) as a sideline business.

[Reception desk of complaints]
Secretariat of the Japan FX (Forex) Education Institute
104-0061, Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Ginza 6-chome, 16-12 Marutaka building 3rd floor
TEL: 03-6278-7061
E-mail: support@fxschool.or.jp
Office hours: 10:00 to 15:00

Service Details

Takeru Basic Rule Seminar and the membership of social exchange

Valid period: 1 year
Product code: 014
Price: 97,200 yen (tax included)

Please settle payment of the said amount at the time of contract.

– Takeru Basic Rules Seminar: 97,200 yen (tax included)
– Social exchange membership: 30,888 yen (tax included)

■ Takeru Basic Rules Seminar

Contract details: 1 session (3 hours)

– A face-to-face session of 3 hours in total.
– Instruction of a buying and selling technique of FX, what we call “Takeru Basic Rules”.
– Instruction of specific signs for buying and selling.

■ Social exchange membership

Valid period: 1 year
(*Please note that the period will be automatically renewed each year for customers who have selected the use of credit card for the payment, after one year has passed from the initial contract period, unless a cancellation notice has not been made by one month before the renewal timing.)

Service details:
– Information regarding FX(Forex) will be provided on the members-only bulletin board on the web.
– Frequency of providing information on the board is the followings:
From Monday to Friday – everyday, Weekends – when necessary.
– Eligible for participating in the self-enlightenment study group once a month
– Eligible for participating in the seminar for beginners once a month under the condition that he/she has already attended the Takeru Rules Seminar.

*The main service for overseas customers is obliged to be information provided in the members-only bulletin board on the web, although it depends on each member’s availability.

(Note 1) The credit card settlement is accepted only by VISA or MasterCard.

(Note 2) Date and Time for the Takeru Basic Rules Seminar will be individually coordinated only after the confirmation of the payment.

“Click here for the subscription for the Takeru Basic Rule Seminar and the membership of social exchange”


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